Weaste Cemetery


Everybody has a story to tell. The way they lived and died is part of our colourful history. This page is about people, both famous and ordinary, who are buried at Weaste Cemetery and covers some of the events in Salford's history. It is in addition to the 30 plus biographies in our 2008 publication "Weaste Cemetery Heritage Trail". As there are over 300,000 people interred or commemorated at the cemetery, it is just a brief sample, but nevertheless we hope it is interesting to the reader.


Some of the people have impressive monuments or gravestones which you will see when you visit the cemetery. Some have been interred without a headstone or it was blown away during World War 2; and some have been buried in common graves, which are now grassed over.


If you have an interesting ancestor buried at Weaste Cemetery, and would like their story to be displayed on this website, please contact us on: info@weasteheritagetrail.co.uk. We retain the right to edit or modify such contributions if necessary, but will work with the contributor to produce a suitable story. Also, please contact us if you have any comments or additional information about the stories already posted.


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Biographies of people buried between 1870 & 1879