Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1870 & 79

John Dalton (1805 - 1875)

John Dalton (not to be confused with the famous scientist) was an Engineer of Barlows Croft, Chapel Street, Salford.


He was born in 1805 at Hollinwood near Oldham. He trained as an Engineer and in the 1830s, moved to Salford with his wife Jane (born in 1807 in Manchester). The 1854/55 Manchester Directory, describes him as 'Engineer and Machine Broker etc' of Barlows Croft, Chapel Street, (opposite Trinity Church), Salford. His residence was 15 Ravald Street, (near the current junction of Blackfriars Street and Trinity Way) Salford. In the 1873 Post Office Directory he was described as 'Machine Broker and Size Manufacturer'. John died in 1875 aged 70 and Jane died in 1892 aged 85. They were both buried in the Dissenters portion at Weaste Cemetery (close to the Brotherton Memorial).


John and Jane had two daughters. The first was Sarah who was bnorn in 1833. In 1854, she married James Smith, a furniture Broker, at St John's Church, Manchester. In 1876 they were living at 3 Broughton Road, Salford. Sarah died in 1904 aged 70 and James died in 1916 aged 85.


Mary Ann was born in 1835 and in 1853, she married Samuel Openshaw, a Draper, at St Simon's Church, Salford. In 1876 they were living at 26 Arlington Street, (off Silk Street) Salford. Mary Ann died in 1912 aged 76 and Samuel had died in 1906 aged 73.