Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1870 & 79

Dr Thomas Heywood (1812 - 1872)

 Thomas Heywood was a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons and had his practice on Broad Street, Pendleton. He later became one of the principal share-holders in the company that owned the Manchester Exchange and retired to Westmorland. Whilst travelling by train to Manchester to attend a Board meeting, he had a heart attack and died at Oxenholme Railway Station.

Little is known about his early life and how he could afford to study at University to become a Surgeon. He was born in 1812 in Manchester and baptised on 13th January 1813 in Manchester. His parents were Thomas and Mary (1779 – 1862) Heywood.

On 24th October 1832 Thomas Heywood married Emma Louisa Moult at St Mary the Virgin Church, Eccles, Lancashire. Emma Louisa was the daughter of Henry and Maria Moult. She was born in 1811 and was baptised on 18th March 1812 in Manchester. The 1841 census shows that Thomas and Emma Louisa lived at Brunswick Terrace, Eccles, with two children Thomas jnr (born 1834) aged 7 and Henry John (born 1836) aged 5. Also in the house was Thomas's mother Mary Heywood (born 1779), widow, aged 62. A third child Mary Emma Jane was born in 1848 in Salford. On 27th June 1860, Henry John married Maria Phillips at St Thomas's Church, Pendleton. Maria was the daughter of Adcroft Phillips, Solicitor.

By 1861 the family lived at 124 Broad Street, Pendleton, where Thomas was 48, Emma Louisa was 44, Thomas jnr was 27 and Mary Emma Jane was 12. Also in the house was Thomas's mother Mary, but she died in 1862. At some time in the 1860s there was a move to Westmorland as on 24th December 1868 Mary Emma Jane, (only daughter of T Heywood Esq of Scarr Bank, Levens, Westmorland), married Frank Rutley, H M Geological Survey (and late 1st Royal Regiment) at Heversham, Westmorland. In 1871 at Scarr Bank, Levens, Thomas was age 58, Emma Louise was aged 58 and Thomas jnr was aged 37 and still single.

Then on 28th March 1872 the Huddersfield Daily Chronicle reported "Death of Mr Thomas Heywood. At the annual meeting of the proprietors of the Manchester Exchange, held yesterday morning, in the Mayor's Parlour, the Chairman Mr Murray Gladstone, announced that Mr Thomas Heywood, formerly of Broad Street, Pendleton, one of the Directors, had died suddenly on Tuesday while on his way to Manchester, to attend the meeting. The Directors adopted a resolution expressive of their regret at his loss and condolence with his family. The deceased gentleman, who was one of the largest shareholders in the Royal Exchange Company, practised as a Surgeon in Pendleton a few years ago. He took an active part in promoting the voluntary movement in Salford. About four years ago he purchased an estate at Scarr Bank, Levens, Westmorland where he has since resided. While on his way to Manchester on Tuesday, he became suddenly ill in the train and was removed from the carriage at Oxenholme Station. He died at the station in the course of an hour."

Thomas Heywood was brought home to Salford and was buried at Weaste Cemetery. Emma Louisa continued to live in Westmorland and died on 7th March 1899.