Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1870 & 79

William Barrington Brown (1821 - 1874)

 William Barrington Brown was the proprietor of the London Chop House and the adjacent Hotel in the Royal Exchange building on Market Street, Manchester.

He was born on 8th January 1821 in London and baptised on 4th February 1821 at St Ann's Wesleyan Methodist Church in Limehouse, Poplar, London. His parents were Robert and Catherine Brown. In March 1842 he married Mary Lester Edwards in the district of Dartford, Kent. Mary was born in Leith, Scotland, and according to Gro. Regimental Birth Indices, her father was in the Royal Artillery. In 1851, the couple lived at Montgomery Cottage, Dartford, Bexley, Kent, where William was a Proprietor of Houses. They had two daughters Elizabeth Rosina (b. 1843 in Greenwich, London) and Catherine Anna (b 1845 at Lewisham, London).

In 1852, the family moved north and William acquired a lease for property in Prince's Court, next to the Royal Exchange in Manchester. The following year he opened the London Chop House there. In 1863 he acquired the lease of the adjacent hotel and employed an Assistant Manager and 35 "Servants." However in 1866, the Royal Exchange Company wanted to expand its building and William had to move out.

In 1871, the family lived at Leaf Square, Pendleton. William was aged 49, his wife Mary was aged 47, Elizabeth was 27 and the third daughter Mary Baxter (b. 1862 in Salford) was 8 years old. Catherine Anna had married in 1870 to James William Woodall, Solicitor at St James Hope Church in Pendleton. In 1872, eldest daughter Elizabeth Rosina married Frank Shiers Davies in Woolwich, London.

On 4th February 1874, William Barrington Brown died of apoplexy (stroke) and was buried by Rev William Hurst in A3 plot of Weaste Cemetery. He was 53 years old.

The 1881 Census shows that Mary Lester Brown lived at 14 Leaf Square, Pendlelton and was a Hotel Keeper. Mary Baxter Brown was now 19 years old. On 16th November 1890, Catherine Anna's husband James William Woodall died at their residence, West Bank, Withington Road, Whalley Range, Manchester, aged 51 and was interred at Southern Cemetery, Manchester. Strangely, his will bequeathed his property to his brother and two sisters. His widow Catherine only received £300 and a £100 annuity for life.

In 1891, Mary Lester Brown lived at Hughenden Villa, Withington Road, Withington, Manchester. She was aged 64 and a Day Hotel Keeper. Mary Baxter Brown was aged 29 and single and Catherine Anna Woodall, widow, aged 44 was also present. The Manchester Rate Books Record shows that Mary Lester was renting property at 14 /10 Corporation Street, Manchester. On 23rd February 1893, eldest daughter Elizabeth Rosina Davies died aged 49, and was buried in the family vault at Weaste Cemetery.

On 20th December 1899, youngest daughter Mary Baxter died aged 37 and was interred in the family vault at Weaste Cemetery. In 1901 Mary Lester was living on her own means at Woodhill House, Sandy Lane, Pendleton, but on 4th December 1901 she died, aged 78 and was re-united with her husband at Weaste Cemetery.