Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1920 & 29

Thomas Carefull (Killed at work) (1890 - 1924)

Thomas Carefull was a Labourer at Salford Docks and was killed when a motor lorry ran over him.


The Salford Reporter of 28th June 1924, records "Shortly after 12.30 on Tuesday (24th) afternoon, a Salford man named Thomas Carefull of Melbourne Street, was killed at Salford Docks. It is stated that he was run over by a motor lorry. A witness of the tragedy states that he observed Carefull riding on the lorry and that when he attempted to get off he overbalanced, grasped hold of the side of the vehicle and was dragged along, eventually losing his hold and falling to the ground and a rear wheel passed over his body. The unfortunate man was conveyed in the ambulance to the Salford Royal Hospital where a doctor pronounced life extinct".


The Salford Reporter of 5th July 1924 records the Inquest at which it was said that the deceased was a Labourer aged 44. He was a steady man and sober when he left home. Workers at the Docks were in the habit of jumping on the backs of lorries when they were moving, to hitch a lift to where they were working. Apparently the lorry drivers were not aware when this happened. This lorry belonged to Messrs Burgess, Carriers of Manchester. It was travelling along No.8 Dock towards No.3 Shed. The Coroner said that the driver was not to blame as the deceased should not have been on the lorry. Verdict: Accidental Death.


Thomas was buried at Weaste Cemetery on 28th June 1924 in section L of the Church of England portion.