Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1857 & 1869

Richard Gibson (1819 - 1869)

 Richard Gibson was a Solicitor at 41 John Dalton Street and King Street, Manchester.

He was born in 1819 at Hide Hill, a road in Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland, and baptised on 11th April 1819 at Holy Trinity Church in Berwick upon Tweed. His father was also named Richard Gibson who was an Excise Officer and his mother was named Mary.

In 1846 Richard married Elizabeth Jackson in Berwick upon Tweed. Elizabeth was born on 6th January 1824 at Lowick near Berwick upon Tweed and baptised on 27th January 1824 at a Roman Catholic church in Berwick. She was the daughter of Thomas Jackson and Rhoda Charlotte (nee Coulter) Jackson, who were married in Lowick in 1817.

Richard and Elizabeth had twelve children: Rhoda Charlotte (born 1847 in Bury), married Thomas Dugdale in Ormskirk in 1869 and died in 1933 in Ormskirk, aged 86; Elizabeth Mary (born 1848 in Bolton) and died in 1851 in Salford, aged 2 years and 6 months; Frances Dorothy (born 1850 in Salford) and died in 1930 in Lancaster, aged 78; Richard George Robert (born 1852 in Hulme, Manchester) and died in 1884 in Stretford, aged 31; Mary Anne Hickey (born 1855 in Hulme, Manchester); Isabella Coulter (born 1859 in Blackley, Manchester); Winifred Coulter (born 1860 in Blackley) and died 1947 in Mansfield, aged 84; Marguerite Coulter (born 1862 in Blackley) and died in 1866 in Harpurhey aged 4; John Coulter (born 1863 in Blackley) and died in 1864 in Harpurhey, aged 7 months; another John Coulter (born 1864 in Blackley) and died in 1864, in Harpurhey, aged 5 weeks; Beatrice Louise (born 1865 in Blackley) and died in 1941 at Blackpool, aged 76; and Clara Cicely (born 1867 in Blackley) and died in 1867 in Harpurhey aged 7 weeks.

Richard's business appeared to be more than being a Solicitor. In March 1851 an advert appeared in the Manchester Guardian offering mortgages on property. In May 1851 the Manchester Courier, advertised Richard as promoting the acquisition of rented property. In December 1853 the Manchester Courier advertised the new Dalton Building Society where Richard was its Solicitor. In August 1853 the Courier advertised a notice of an Indenture of Lease for a mill in Ardwick that could be inspected at Richard's premises. In December 1853 the Manchester Weekly Times advertised a forthcoming Auction of a chemical factory in Openshaw where interested parties could enquire to Richard for further details. In March 1854 an advert in the Manchester Courier showed Richard offering loans of £800 and £500. In June 1855, the Manchester Courier advertised freehold land in Lower Broughton and for details contact the agent or Richard Gibson. These are just a few of the advertisements.

In 1851 the family lived at Albert Terrace, Broughton, Salford. In 1861 they lived at 3, Rochdale Road, Harpurhey, Manchester. However, on 3rd June 1869, Richard Gibson died whilst visiting his brother at Birtley, Northumberland, aged 50. He was returned home to be buried at Weaste Cemetery at grave A9/RC/230. His widow, Elizabeth, died on 19th September 1891 in Stretford, aged 87 and was re-united with Richard.