Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1900 & 09

Michael Kiveal (1850 - 1902)

Michael Kiveal was a Tripe Dresser and later a Wholesale Toy and Smallware Dealer and Shopkeeper. He was tragically burnt to death in a fire at his home in 1902.

He was born in 1850 in Manchester. Although the census records say he was born in Manchester, there are no records before he was married in the second quarter of 1868 when he was 18 years old. He married Sarah Peak at St Simon's Church, Salford. Sarah was the daughter of Henry and Mary Peak of 13, Friday Street. Manchester. Her father Henry was born in Helford, Derbyshire and her mother was born in Ireland.


Michael and Sarah's had 14 children who were: Caroline Mary (born 1869, married 1889 to Patrick Joseph Salmon, died 1896 aged 26); William Henry (born 1871 and died 1887 aged 16); Thomas (born and died in 1873 aged 0); Edward (born 1874 and died 1876 aged 2); Eliza (born in 1877 and died in 1878 aged 1); Sarah (born 1879 and died 1884 aged 4); Edith (born 1880 and died 1966 aged 85); Samuel (born 1882 and died 1883 aged 1); Samuel (born 1885 and died 1887 aged 2); Joseph (born 1887, married in 1909 to Beatrice M King and died in 1959 age 72); James Henry (born 1889 and died 1915 in France aged 25); Albert (born 1890 and died in 1890 aged 6 months); Ernest (born 1891 and died 1916 in France aged 25); and Alice (born 1893 and died 1896 aged 2).


In 1881 the family lived at 6 Sunnyside Street Salford, where 31-year-old Michael was a Tripe Dresser and Provisions Dealer. In 1891 they lived at Darley Street, Salford, and in 1901 they lived at 140 Tatton Street, Salford, where 51-year-old Michael was a Wholesale Toy and Smallware Dealer and Shopkeeper.


Tragedy struck on 14th May 1902 as described in this newspaper article. "Salford Tradesman Burned to Death – Narrow Escape of his Family. The Salford Fire Brigade was engaged early this morning at a fire in which six persons barely escaped with their lives and another was burned to death at a shop, 142 and 144 Tatton Street, occupied by Michael Kiveal, as a hardware and toy store. A Policeman seeing flames awakened Mrs Kiveal, who, with great presence of mind, at once aroused her children. Her husband, who was asleep in a back room, which was separated from the front portion of the premises by the staircase and landing, could not be aroused. Mrs Kiveal returned to the work of getting the children out first. Bedding was thrown out of the front window, and one by one they jumped into the street. One of them, however a young woman of 22, (Edith), sustaining a sprained ankle. The flames had meanwhile got a firm hold of the back portion of the upper floor, and the Brigade, who had by this time arrived, had to work at them for over an hour. It was found impossible to enter the place to attempt to rescue the head of the household until the fire was practically extinguished. He was then found at the head of the staircase charred beyond recognition, having evidently suffered an awful death in a vain attempt to escape."


On 20th May 1902, Michael Kiveal was buried in Plot A9 of the Roman Catholic portion of Weaste Cemetery by Father Salvatore Carruccio. He was aged 52. His wife Sarah lived another 21 years and died on 6th July 1923, aged 72 years.