Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1880 & 89

Mary Rostron (1805 - 1880)

 Mary Rostron was the sister of *James Simpson, Deacon of the Bible Christian Church and was a keen supporter of the church and its ethical beliefs. She married Lawrence Rostron who was a close political ally of Joseph Brotherton MP.

She was born Mary Simpson in December 1804. Her father was James Simpson, who was a Scotsman who moved to England around 1800 and settled at Foxhill Bank, Church, near Accrington, Lancashire and opened a calico printing factory. Her mother was named Elizabeth. On 16th April 1810, when living at St Mary's Gate Manchester, the whole family was baptised at Christ Church, Salford, as members of the Bible Christian Church. Mary had a younger brother *James (born 1812 in Clitheroe, Lancashire) who was to become a Deacon of the Bible Christian Church.

On 5th February 1829, Mary married Lawrence Rostron (born 1801 in Lancashire) at Church, near Accrington, Lancashire. He was a Quaker, Merchant and Calico Printer and a strong Liberal who became a close political associate of Joseph Brotherton, Salford's first MP. The 1841 census shows the family living at Acton Square, Salford. Lawrence is aged 40, Mary is aged 35, son Simpson Rostron is aged 8 and Mary's mother Elizabeth Simpson is aged 70.

The Manchester Courier of 29th March 1834 reports a meeting of the inhabitants of Salford in General Vestry to receive the accounts of the Overseers of the Poor, at which Lawrence Rostron received a vote of thanks for his efficiency and satisfactory services during the past year. Lawrence was also re-appointed to the Select Vestry.

The Manchester Courier of 28th October 1843 reports a meeting of the Commissioners of Police at which Lawrence Rostron was elected to the Gas Light Committee and the Town Hall and Market Committee. The Manchester Courier of 2nd November 1844 reports the partnership between Thomas Simpson, Lawrence Rostron, James Simpson Young and William Gregory Langdon, Calico Printers and Merchants of Foxhill Bank, Manchester and London, was dissolved by mutual consent.

Lawrence Rostron died in 1853 aged 52. Their son Simpson Rostron, married Christina Jane Riley in 1868 at Meriden, Warwickshire. In 1871, they were living in Beddington, near Croydon, where he was a Barrister at Law. Also in 1871, Mary was living at St George's Court, Park Road, Eccles Old Road, Pendleton. She was aged 66 and had two Servants. Mary died on 30th April 1880 aged 75 and was buried in plot A3 of the Dissenters portion of Weaste Cemetery.

Mary's brother *James Simpson married Hannah Harvey in 1843. She was the daughter of another prominent Bible Christian, William Harvey, (who was Mayor of Salford 1857-59). The 1851 census shows they were living at Foxhill Bank, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire with 6-year-old daughter Emily. Also visiting were Peter Foxcroft (who was a Deacon of the Bible Christian Church and Vice President of the Vegetarian Society for 20 years) and his wife Esther.