Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1910 & 19

Mark Foster (1845 - 1915)

Mark Foster was a Mechanic, Fitter then Cordwainer (shoe maker and seller).

He was born in Selby, Yorkshire in 1845. His father was Robert Foster, a Bricklayer. He married Ellen Wright on 18th November 1866 at St Stephen's Church, Salford. He was then aged 21, he was a Mechanic and he lived at 87 Bury Street, Salford. Ellen was aged 20 of 2, Whitill Street. Her father was William Wright who was a Tailor.

The 1871 census has the couple living at Bridgewater Street, Salford with two children, William Thomas (born 1846 in Manchester) and Ellen Bertha (born 1871 in Salford). By 1881 the family had moved to 128, Greengate, Salford. Mark was 35 and described as Shopkeeper (Boots) and Mechanic's Fitter. Ellen was aged 34 with four children. William Thomas was 12, Ellen Bertha was 10, Sarah (born 1873 in Salford) was 8 and Elizabeth (born 1875 in Salford) was aged 6.

The 1891 census has the family living at Broughton Road, Salford and Mark was described as a Cordwainer. William Thomas was 22 and also a Cordwainer, Ellen Bertha was 20 and a Reeler, Sarah was 18 and a Boot Saleswoman and Elizabeth was 16 and also a Boot Saleswoman. On 5th February 1896, William Thomas married Elizabeth Booth at Christ Church, Salford. He was aged 27 and living at 6, Back Windsor. Elizabeth was aged 24 and a Garter Maker, living at 3, Back Windsor. Her father was Abraham Thomas Booth (deceased) Iron Driller.

In 1901 the family was living at 90, Rochdale Road, Prestwich. Mark was 55 and a Boot and Shoe Dealer and Ellen was aged 54. Sarah was 28 and an Assistant (Boots) and Elizabeth was 26 and also an Assistant (Boots). In 1908 Ellen Bertha married Charles Septimus Baker in Huddersfield. Also in 1908 Elizabeth married John Watson at Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester by Registrar. So, by 1911 the family is living at 150, Blackfriars Road, Salford. Mark is 65 and described as a Shoe Dealer and Ellen is 64. William Thomas, although married is 42 and a Boot Repairer and Sarah is 38 and described as a Confectioner.

Mark Foster died on 22nd November 1915 aged 70 and his wife Ellen died on 7th April 1920 aged 73. Sarah died on 10th August 1923 aged 45, Elizabeth Watson died on 20th September 1938 aged 58, William Thomas died on 28th February 1948 aged 79 and Ellen Bertha Baker died on 13th November 1960 aged 90.