Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1940 & 49

Joseph Toole MP (1877 - 1945)

Joseph Toole (known as Joe) rose from a humble beginning in Salford to become a Councillor, Alderman and Lord Mayor of Manchester, and an MP for Salford South.

He was born on 6th March 1887 at James Street, near Salford Cathedral. His father was Thomas Toole (born 1865 in Manchester), who was a Dyer by trade. His mother was Elizabeth (nee Redmond) Toole (born 1865 in Salford), the daughter of James and Mary Redmond (both born in Queen's, Ireland). James Redmond was also a Dyer and in 1881, the Redmond family lived at Wroe Street, Salford. Joe's parents were married on 1st January 1887 at Salford Roman Catholic Cathedral.

The Toole family lived at Trafford Street, Salford in 1891 and 1901. Joe was the eldest of thirteen children, but only seven survived.  Elizabeth Anne (b. 1889), Robert (b. 1891), Andrew (b. 1893), Mary (b. 1895), William (b. 1897), Catherine (b. 1900), Eliza (b. 1901), Theresa (born and died 1904) and Agnes (born 1905). Joe attended Mount Carmel RC School and sold newspapers as soon as he could to help the family. He passed his school leaving exam at 12. His early jobs included street sweeping for Manchester Corporation, cable wrapping in Trafford Park and shouldering coffins for a Salford Undertaker. He became a Trolley Boy and even got his father a job there.

In the second quarter of 1908, 21-year-old Joe married Margaret Dearden by Registrar (probably at a Catholic church). Margaret was born in 1886 in Texas USA, whilst her parents were working there. The family returned to Salford when she was 9 years old and she too went to Mount Carmel School. Margaret's parents were Alfred Dearden (born 1858 in Manchester) and Amelia Dearden (born 1860 at Acton Burrell, Shropshire). In 1901 the Deardens lived at 3 Clement Street, Salford, where Alfred was Assistant Collector of Accounts at Manchester Abbatoir.

In 1911, the Toole family lived in, Ardwick, Manchester where Joe was an Insurance Superintendent. Their son Thomas, (born 1910 in Salford) was one year old. Two daughters were to follow Amelia, or Millie (born 1912 in Ardwick) and Marie (born 1914 in Ardwick). Joe joined the Guardian newspaper selling advertising space and in 1914 opened a stationery supply business in New Brown Street, Salford. On 2nd July 1918, Joseph was inducted into Royal Flying Corps as a Clerk.

Joseph's political career started in 1918 when he won a seat on Manchester City Council for Openshaw Ward. In 1923 he was elected as Labour MP for South Salford by unseating the Conservative Sir Anderson Montague-Barlow. In 1924 he lost to another Conservative, but in 1929 Joe regained South Salford for Labour. He lost again in 1931. Joe returned to Local Government and was appointed Alderman for Openshaw Ward, and became Lord Mayor of Manchester City Council in 1936/37.

Joe and Margaret moved to Blackpool in 1940 and opened a hotel. In May 1945 Joe had a seizure and was moved to a Nursing home, where he died on 4th June 1945 aged 58. His body was brought back to Salford and buried in the Catholic portion of Weaste Cemetery. Margaret died on 17th January 1947 aged 60, and was reunite with Joe.