Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1920 & 29

Joseph Collier. (1867 - 1924)

Joseph Collier was an Insurance Manger and then a Ledger Clerk in 1921. This is an unusual situation where the family has two graves almost next to each other, where Joseph's parents are buried in separate graves, and the second grave was purchased before the first one was full. Joseph is buried with his mother in A5/Diss/225.

He was born in 1867 in Flixton, near Manchester. His father was John Edwin Collier (born 1833 in Manchester and died 1879 in Regent Road, Salford) who was a Leather Dealer, and his mother was Jane (nee Hodgson) Collier (born 1836 in Manchester and died 1905 in Pendleton). Joseph's parents were married on 17th May 1857 at All Saints Church, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester. John Edwin was aged 24, a Leather Seller of Chorlton-on-Medlock whose father was Joseph Collier, Hatter. Jane was aged 21, a Servant of Chorlton-on-Medlock, whose father was John Hodgson, Engineer.

The 1871 census shows the family lived at Chester Road, Hulme, Manchester, where Joseph was 3 years old. His father John Edwin was aged 38, mother Jane was aged 35, sister Emily was aged 13, brother John Edwin jnr was aged 11, brother Frederick was aged 6, and brother Herbert was aged 1. In October 1879 Joseph's father John Edwin died at Regent Road, Salford aged 46 and was buried in plot A5/Diss/202 at Weaste Cemetery. (Joseph was only 12 years old). The 1881 census at 150 Regent Road, Salford, shows that Joseph's mother Jane was a widow aged 45, John Edwin jnr was aged 21 and a Leather Dealer (Currier), Frederick was aged 16 and a Merchant Clerk, Joseph was aged 13, Herbert was aged 11 and newcomers Alfred (born 1875) was aged 6, and Marion (born 1877) was aged 4.

On 1st October 1890 Joseph married Eliza Hull at St Bartholomew's Church, Salford. Eliza (born 1868 in Walkden, Lancashire) was a 22-year-old Housekeeper who lived at 298, Ordsall Lane, Salford. Her father was John Hull, Oilcloth Manufacturer. In 1991 they lived at Robert Street, Eccles, where Joseph was a Clerk. Also in 1891 their daughter Amy Alberta Hodgson Collier was born in Altrincham, Cheshire. In 1894, their second daughter Hilda Marion Collier was born in Salford, but sadly Joseph's wife Eliza died aged just 26 and was buried at Weaste Cemetery at A5/Diss/202.

The 1911 census at 21 The Park, Eccles, shows Joseph aged 43 and a Financial and Insurance Broker. He was now married to Mary Paterson (nee Munro) born in 1872 in Glasgow, Scotland. Amy was aged 19 and a Clerkess in Insurance, Hilda was aged 17 and a Milliner and James Munro Collier (born 1903 in Pendleton) was aged 8. On 26th May 1917 Joseph's 25-year-old daughter Amy married Herbert Hardistry Smith at St Mary the Virgin Church, Eccles. Herbert was aged 29, a Jeweller of 19 Musfield Drive Monton and his father was George Smith, Leather Merchant. The 1921 census shows the family still lived at 21 The Park, Eccles, Lancashire. Joseph was aged 52 and a Ledger Clerk, his wife Mary was aged 49, James Munro was aged 18 and newcomer Mary Ewing Collier was aged 8.

On 25th May 1924, Joseph Collier died at St Mary's Church, Davyhulme aged 56. He was buried with his mother on 28th May 1924 in A5/Diss/225 at Weaste Cemetery.