Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1920 & 29

John Paul McDougall (1868 - 1927)

John Paul McDougall became Mayor of Salford in 1923 for one term, and was a Wallpaper Manufacturer by profession.

He was born on 4th January 1868 in Pendleton. His father was James McDougall (born 1843 in Scotland) who was a Paper Stainer by profession. His mother Mary (born 1844) was from Leeds, Yorkshire. John Paul's early education was at St Thomas's Schools, Hankinson Street and later at Brunswick Wesleyan School, Gardner Street, Pendleton. In 1881 the family was living at 9 Albion Place Pendleton. John Paul was the eldest child and at 13 years of age he was already a Block Cutter (Type Cutter). His brothers were James aged 11 and George aged 5. In 1991, the family was still at Albion Place and John Paul was a Commercial Traveller.

In 1891, John Paul married Eliza Jones Whittaker (born 1868 in Salford) at Salem Chapel, Ellor Street, Pendleton. She was a School Teacher and the daughter of Thomas (a House Painter) and Eliza Whittaker of Ewart Street, Pendleton. Eliza had to step down from her teaching position when she got married, but continued teaching at the Ragged School and campaigned for children's education and training, became a member of Salford School Board in 1900 and was co-opted onto the new Salford Education Committee on 1st July 1903.

In 1901, John Paul and Eliza were living at 101 Lower Seedley Road, Pendleton with their son John Paul (jnr) aged 2. John Paul's occupation was given as Wallpaper Merchant. He had become self-employed with his main business at Blackfriars Street, Manchester and branches at Leeds, Sheffield and Scarborough. He also became president of the Association of Wallpaper Manufacturers of GB & NI. However, tragedy struck on 1st August 1904 when Eliza died at the age of 36. She had developed influenza that turned to pneumonia. In 1907 John Paul remarried to Margaret Beatrice Hurst at St Luke's Church, Weaste. She was the daughter of George Hurst who was a Manager. Margaret was aged 28 and John Paul was aged 39.

John Paul's political career took off in 1901 when he won Seedley Ward for the Liberals which he held for 18 years before being defeated. However the following year, he was elected for St Paul's Ward and in 1922 he was appointed Alderman and assigned to Crescent Ward. He was a member and then Chairman of the Museums, Libraries and Parks Ctee, Deputy Chairman of the Electricity Ctee and member of the Cemeteries Ctee. John Paul was also a member of the Council's Blind Persons Welfare Ctee, Tramways and Watch Ctees, represented Salford on the Armitage Charity, Port of Manchester Sanitary Authority, Manchester High School for Girls, and a number of other committees. He became Mayor of Salford in 1923 for one term and in 1924 he contested Knutsford Constituency in the General Election, but was defeated.

John Paul McDougall died on 23rd September 1927 at his residence, Hope House, Eccles Old Road, Pendleton after an illness of several weeks duration. He was aged 59.