Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1857 & 1869

John Millers (1800 - 1861)

 John Millers was a Marble and Stone Mason, with premises on Stanley Street, New Bailey, Salford. From 1841 to 1844 he was Commissioner of Police for Salford and from 1852 until his death in 1861, a member of Salford Borough Council.


He was born on 18th October 1800 at Kendal, Westmorland and baptised there on 25th September 1801. His parents were John and Bella Millers. On 8th June 1822 he married Elizabeth Booth in Kendal, Westmorland. Elizabeth was aged 24 (born 1798 in Sedbergh, Yorkshire) and the daughter of Richard and Agnes Booth of Sedbergh.


On 3rd September 1822 their first son John jnr was born in Sedburgh and on 29th September 1824, their second son Richard was born in Kendal. The 1851 census shows that John Millers was at 1, Stanley Street, Salford. He was aged 50 and a Marble Mason. His wife Elizabeth was at 7, Stanley Street, Salford with their son John jnr, aged 28 whose occupation was given as Marble Mason's son. Also in the house were Richard Booth, nephew, aged 23, born in Sedbergh who was a Marble Mason Journeyman and another Richard Booth, nephew, aged 15, born in Sedburgh, who was a Marble Mason Apprentice. There was no sign of John's son Richard, (unless the older Richard Booth is actually Richard Millers)!


The Crimean War occurred between October 1853 and February 1956 and it's tempting to say that the John Millers of the 83rd Regiment of Foot who is registered at the Royal Chelsea Hospital in 1854 could be John snr's son John jnr. However, John jnr married Margaret Townley Braithwaite in 1854 at St John's Church, Deansgate, Manchester. Margaret (born August 1832 in Kendal, Westmorland) was the daughter of James Townley Braithwaite and his wife Ann.


The Manchester Guardian of 8th October 1853 reports that John Millers snr, of Stanley Street, Marble Cutter was elected to Salford Council for Trinity Ward, unopposed. He was appointed to the Hackney Coach Committee. In 1855, a contest between John Millers and John Towle of King Street, Pawnbroker, resulted in a win for John Millers. The Guardian of 2nd October 1857 reported that Salford Council had appointed eight councillors to be boroughreeve and constables and John Millers was amongst them.


An advert about John's business appeared many times in the Guardian and the Bolton Chronicle, with slight variations, but on 18th December 1858 in the latter it read, "John Millers and Co, Marble Works near the New Bailey, Salford. Marble and stone chimney pieces, monuments, tombs, baths, washstands, dressing tables, and every description of marble and stone work, manufactured by steam power."


In the 1861 census John and Elizabeth lived at 5 Stanley Street, Salford. John was aged 60 and still a Marble Mason, and Elizabeth was aged 62. However, a couple of months later, on 22nd June 1861 John died in Salford and was buried at Weaste Cemetery, A4/DISS/633. Six years later Elizabeth died on 6th May 1867 aged 68 and was re-united with her husband at Weaste Cemetery.