Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1900 & 09

Jessie Cross (1884 - 1901)

Jessie Cross was a 16 year-old mill girl who committed suicide in 1901.


The Manchester Courier of 14th February 1901 reported "Salford Mill Girl's Suicide." "An Inquest was held on Tuesday by Mr A Holmes, Salford Coroner, on the body of Jessie Cross, 16 years of age, who lived in Lyth Street, Salford. It was stated that the girl, who was employed as a Doffer, had been in delicate health. On Friday last, she complained to her mother about being unable to do some work at the mill. Early on the morning of the 9th inst, she left to go to work as usual, but at breakfast time she was found to be missing. A search was made and the same day a shawl was found on the steps near the Mark Addy bridge, and, the river Irwell being dragged, the body of the deceased was recovered. A verdict of Suicide whilst temporarily insane was returned."


Jessie was born on 27th December 1884 at 3 Wilburn Street, Salford and registered at Regent Road Register Office. She was baptised on 8th February 1885 at the church of St Bartholomew, Ordsall Lane, Salford. Jessie was the daughter of George Thomas Cross (born 1861 in Salford) a Boatman, and Elizabeth Sarah (nee Jones) Cross (born 1862 in Salford), who was the daughter of James Jones, also a Boatman. Jessie's parents were married on 13th June 1881 at St Bartholomew's Church.


In 1891 the family lived at Lyth Street, Salford. (Lyth Street is a very small street which ran between Ordsall Lane and Wilburn Street, on the north side of Regent Road). Jessie's father George was absent. (It is tempting to say that as George was a Boatman and lived a stone's throw from Salford Council's Wilburn Street Refuse Depot, he may have been employed to take Salford's organic refuse from the depot, along the River Irwell to Chat Moss near Irlam). Jessie's mother was present aged 29, Jessie was aged 6, and her siblings Elizabeth Hannah (aged 8) and Mary Ann (aged 4) were also present.


In May 1899, Jessie's father, George Thomas Cross died at his home in Lyth Street, aged 38 and was buried in a common grave at Weaste Cemetery on 25th May. Two years later, on 8th February 1901, Jessie died, (as described above) aged 16. She was buried in a common grave at Weaste Cemetery on 16th February. Later in 1901 the census reveals that the family lived a 4, Lyth Street, Salford. Mother Elizabeth Sarah was described as Head, a widow and Domestic Housekeeper, aged 37. Elizabeth Hannah was aged 18 and a Cotton Spinner, Mary Ann was aged 14 and a Doffer for a Spinner, and new addition Herbert was aged 7.


On 7th February 1905, Elizabeth Hannah, aged 19, married Henry Hughes at Christ Church, Salford. Henry was aged 22, a Bleacher and lived at 18 Bright Street Salford. The 1911 census at 8 Lyth Street shows: Elizabeth Sarah Cross, Housekeeper, aged 47; Elizabeth Hannah Hughes, Spinner aged 28; Mary Ann Cross, Spinner aged 24; Herbert Cross, Bottle Washer aged 17; Henry Hughes aged 6; & Jessie Hughes aged 1. In 1921 at 15 Wilburn Street, Elizabeth Sarah is aged 58 and Mary Ann is aged 34, Ring Spinner at Richard Howarth and Co, Ordsall Mill. Elizabeth died in 1933 aged 70 and was buried in Grave J 1889 in the Dissenters portion of Weaste Cemetery.