Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1880 & 89

James Swindlehurst (1815 - 1886)

 James Swindlehurst was a Cordwainer (Shoemaker/Mender or Leathergoods Worker).

He was born in 1815 in Stockport, Cheshire and baptised on 3rd August 1817 at St Mary's Church, Stockport. He was the son of William and Martha Swindlehurst. In 1821 he was registered at Stockport Sunday School.

In 1838, James Swindlehurst married Alice Moors (or Moore or Moores) at St Mary's Church, Cheadle, Stockport. Alice was born in 1818 at Baguley, Cheshire, the daughter of James and Betty Moore. In 1841 James and Alice lived at Sidmouth Street, Salford. The next census that they appear in is in 1871 when they lived at Bury Street, Salford and James is aged 55 and Alice is aged 53. However, Lancashire BMD shows the births of several Swindlehurst children and only two survived. They were all born in Salford Greengate, (with mother's name in brackets). Martha born 2Q 1841 (Moores) and died 2Q 1841; Elizabeth born 2Q 1842 (Moore) and died 3Q 1842; Alice born 3Q 1843 (Moores) and died 3Q 1843; James born 3Q 1844 (Moore) and died 3Q 1844; Martha born 4Q 1845 (Moore) and married 1867 to James Holland; Thomas born 2Q 1847 (Moores) and married 3Q 1867 to Mary Jane Beckett; James born 2Q 1849 (Moores) and died 3Q 1849; Alice born 2Q 1851 (Moore) and died 3Q 1853; and Mary Ellen born 3Q 1855 (Moores) and died 3Q 1859.

In 1881, James and Alice lived at 94, Bury Street, Salford. James was aged 65 and a Cordwainer and perhaps still not retired. However, on 18th November 1886, James Swindlehurst died in Salford, aged 71 and was buried at Weaste Cemetery. In 1891, Alice lived with her daughter, Martha Holland, her son-in-law James and her two grandsons Charles Holland aged 9 and Augustus Holland aged 4. On 7th January 1895 Alice Swindlehurst died in Salford aged 76 and was re-united with her husband.

James and Alice's daughter Martha had married James Holland in 1867 at Salford by Registrar. James was born in Stockport in 1844. In 1891 they lived at Union Street, Salford and James was a Repairer of House Property. In 1901 they lived at 89, Bury Street, Salford, where James was aged 57 and a Jobbing Bricksetter, Charles was aged 19 and an Assistant Bricksetter and Augustus was aged 14 and a Brass Finisher. In 1911 they lived at 23, Miller Street, Broughton, where James was aged 67 and a Jobbing Bricklayer, Charles was aged 29 and a General Labourer and Augustus was aged 24 and a Brass Finisher. Martha died in 1914 in Salford aged 68.

James and Alice's son Thomas married Mary Jane Beckett in 1867 at St Simon's Church, Broughton. In 1871 the couple lived a Holborn Terrace, Salford with their children Alice (born 1869) aged 2 and James Edward (born 1870) aged 1. In 1881, Thomas was a Police Sergeant and the family lived at the Police Station, Great Cheetham Street, Broughton. Alice was 12, James Edward was 11, Martha (born 1875) was 6, Thomas (born 1878) was 3 and Samuel (born 1880) was 1. Mary Jane died on 2nd December 1899 aged 51 and was buried in the family grave at Weaste. Thomas married again in 1902 to Annie Beckett. In 1911 he was a Publican at 32 Ellesmere Street Salford, but in 1926 he died in Salford aged 79 and buried at Weaste Cemetery.