Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1890 & 99

Henry Cecil Wain & Mary Ann Howarth (N/A - 1897)

The Salford Chronicle of 7th August 1897 ran the headlines:
"Horrible Discovery at Weaste. Lovers Found Dead in a Shed".


The Chronicle continues, "A discovery of a shocking character has been made in Weaste. On Wednesday 4th August, George Siddall of Gilbert Street, found the bodies of a young couple in a shed, in a farmer's field, off Weaste Lane, not far from the Swan Hotel. He had walked into the shed out of mere curiosity and was naturally horrified at the spectacle that met his gaze. The bodies were found lying on top of a stack of hay and were greatly decomposed. Siddall alerted the police who removed the bodies to the mortuary in the police station yard. It was surmised that the bodies had been lying in the shed for some days, perhaps a week, as rats had torn at their flesh in a shocking manner.


The clothing worn by the couple was of fairly good quality and was at once taken that they were respectably connected. The young woman was dressed in a white blouse, black cape, black and white straw sailor hat, red spotted skirt, grey dress with black squares, black stockings and low-quarter button shoes. A pair of black kid gloves and a white pocket handkerchief with a red border were found in the dress pocket. The young man wore a new black coat and vest, grey trousers, striped cotton shirt, light-coloured cap, collar and tie and lace boots. A sum of tuppence ha'penny, a white pocket handkerchief and a latch key were found in the pockets of his clothing.


It is surmised that the couple went to the shed with a deliberate intention of committing suicide as near the bodies was found an 8 ounce bottle which had contained a quantity of carbolic acid and was labelled "Calvert's No.5". The shed is situated in a lonely and secluded part and access to it would easily be gained in the quiet hours of the night."


On Thursday 5th August, the bodies were identified as Henry Cecil Wain, aged 18, who resided in Islington Street, Salford and Mary Ann Howarth aged 17 who lived at Bolton Road, the Height. Wain was an apprentice to Mr. George Wragge, metal worker, 156, Chapel Street, Salford. It was stated that he had run away from work some three or four weeks prior to the discovery. The young woman, who is the step-daughter of Joseph Jones, bricklayer, and bore a good character, left home on 21st July. Their parents were aware of their courtship.

An Inquest was held on Friday 6th August at the Swan Hotel, Weaste, the verdict being in accordance with the facts stated above.


The funeral of Henry Cecil Wain took place on Saturday 7th August. The cortege of a hearse and several carriages left the Wain residence, 14, Islington Street, Salford in the early afternoon and proceeded to Weaste Cemetery. The blinds at the houses of many of the neighbours were drawn. The principal mourners were Henry's parents, Mr Francis Samuel Wain and Mrs Mary Ann Wain. The coffin was of polished oak with brass mountings and the plate was inscribed "Henry Cecil Wain, Died 29th July 1897, aged 18 years". The service at the cemetery was conducted by Rev.R.P.Willock, vicar of St James' Church, Hope and was attended by a large number of people.


The funeral of Mary Ann Howarth took place on Monday 9th August and was witnessed by many of the residents of th' Height, where the family were well known and highly respected. The coffin was of polished oak with silver mountings and the inscription read "Mary Ann Howarth, died 29th July 1897, aged 17 years". It was covered in wreaths and tokens of sympathy from relatives and friends. The principal mourners were Mary Ann Jones (mother), Joseph Jones (step-father), and Robert, John and George Howarth (brothers). Interment took place in the family grave in plot F of the Church of England portion of Weaste cemetery, where the deceased's father is buried. The service was conducted by Rev.A.W. Davies.