Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1930 & 39

Fanny Boyd & Lily Boyd (N/A - 1931)

This is the strange case of two sisters, who were married to two brothers, who died within 12 hours of each other.


Before they were married, sisters Fanny and Lily Russell lived in East Wynford Street, Weaste and were well known and very popular. The two brothers were George and Edward Boyd who lived in Cemetery Road, Weaste. Fanny married George Boyd in June 1927 and lived in East Wynford Street. Lily married Edward Boyd in August the following year and lived in Ouse Street, Weaste.


It was on 17th February 1931 that the younger sister Lily, was admitted to Hope Hospital. The following day, Fanny was admitted to Hope Hospital with pneumonia. They were both in hospital for six days. Lily died at 11.15 pm on Sunday 22nd February (her 24th birthday) and Fanny died 12 hours later on Monday 23rd February, aged 30.


An exceptionally large crowd were present at Weaste Cemetery on Friday afternoon, 27th February, to witness the two sisters being interred in the Boyd grave alongside their father-in-law. Mr Boyd senior died tragically, five years earlier, when he fell down a ship's hold at Salford Docks. Fanny left 2 children, a daughter aged 2 and a son of only 6 weeks old. Lily had no children.