Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1880 & 89

Ezekiel Hartshorne (1806 - 1885)

 Ezekiel Hartshorne was an Iron Moulder/Iron Founder and his first wife was given the longest dedication/poem on a headstone at Weaste Cemetery.


He was born in Dawley, Shropshire in 1806. The 1851 census shows that he was a 44-year-old Iron Moulder Journeyman and married to Amelia, aged 40 who was born in Salford on 27th October 1811. They lived at 39 Sidmouth Street, Manchester. In 1861 they lived at 32 Lloyd Street, Hulme, Manchester. But on 24th September 1870, Amelia died age 58, after 11 years patiently suffering chronic rheumatic. She was buried in A11/CE/2872 at Weaste Cemetery.  Her dedication is as follows:


Too long my chafing pride has stooped to strive, 

To fan the embers into life again,

No faith can keep the flickering flame alive,

The lingering vigil is but lingering pain,

Too late the voice assumes a tender tone,

Too late the lip in loving smiles is drest,

The tide is out, the last faint spark is gone,

And I am very tired – let me rest.

I did so much I am all worn and cold,

I strive no longer let what must be must,

I could not give your hand the strength to hold,

I could not give your heart the depth to trust

How you will miss me, I could weep your want,

Of the close silent love that fenced you so,

The cup I filled was neither weak nor scant,

But I am very tired – let it go.

In 1873, Ezekiel married again to Margaret Godsman at St.John's Church, Deansgate, Manchester. Margaret was born in Rotherham, Yorkshire in 1822. In 1881 the couple lived at 59 Bishop Street, Moss Side, where Ezekiel was aged 75 and a Retired Ironfounder. But two years later, on 7th September 1883, Margaret died aged 62, and was buried in the same grave at Weaste Cemetery. Margaret's dedication was "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me."

Ezekiel Hartshorne died two years later, on 8th June 1885, aged 79 and was re-united with his two wives Amelia and Margaret.