Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1890 & 99

Elizabeth Canavan (1840 - 1894)

Elizabeth (Lill) Canavan was a publican's wife and was well known and respected for her charitable work in Salford.


Elizabeth was born on 24th February 1840, the daughter of Mr Robert Crossley who resided in the district all his life. Her husband was Mr J.H.Canavan, proprieter of the Grapes Hotel, Cross Lane, Salford. Elizabeth was taken to New Windsor Congregational Church whilst quite young and was to attend for 45 years, being very active in the good works carried on there. Any deserving cause always found a willing and generous helper.


Elizabeth always helped at fundraising bazaars of all churches whether they were Church of England, Roman Catholic or Non-Conformist. She also helped at the large annual Bazaar at the Free Trade Hall in aid of the Pendlebury Children's Hospital. She was a liberal subscriber to the fund during the Cotton Famine and had a soup kitchen of her own. During times of Depression within the 1880s she distributed soup to poor folk around Cross Lane. Once a year, for a number of years she gave parties for poor children and old men and women. She had 10 pensioners who were almost entirely dependent on her all the year through. She always provided a Christmas dinner, with plum pudding, for 20 old people.


When Elizabeth's husband gave up the Grapes Hotel in 1885, the couple moved to Sunny Lawn, Gore Crescent, Seedley. As the New Windsor Church was too far away to travel, she became a member of St Luke's Church, Weaste.


Elizabeth became ill in February 1894 which was to become more painful during her last four months. She died on 27th June at Sunny Lawn at the age of 54. The Funeral was held at Weaste Cemetery, at 12 midday on Saturday 30th June. The oak coffin with brass mountings was carried in a hearse drawn by two horses. The cortege contained 3 family carriages followed by five private carriages and there were many floral tributes. The service was conducted by the Rev.J.H.Carter.