Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1890 & 99

Edwin Jordan (1820 - 1893)

"By the death of Mr Edwin Jordan, 119 Cross Lane, Salford, the Borough loses a representative of a family which has been unobtrusively inter-woven with the history of Salford since about the year 1600," records the Salford Reporter of 16th December 1893.


The report continues, "The Jordans at one time occupied Oak Hall, Cross Lane, (the site of the later Cattle Market) and a plan of it was drawn up for the family in 1771 by H Clarke, a Salford Mathematician. The father* of the deceased gentleman was the first to introduce "calique" or calico printing in Manchester in the year 1745 and his marriage was the first in the old St. Mary's church in that city.


A representative of the Jordan family achieved wide distinction as an anatomist. It was to the medical profession that the late Mr Edwin Jordan was brought up, but becoming averse to the operations of dissecting, he turned his attention to another calling and succeeded as a Manufacturing Chemist. About thirty years ago he retired and although efforts were made from time to time by his Conservative friends to induce him to become a candidate for the Town Council and other public bodies, he invariably declined.


Mr Edwin Jordan died in his 75th year on Saturday 9th December after a long and painful illness caused by a tumour. Born at Oak Hall, he spent all his lifetime in the neighbourhood of Cross Lane, where he gained the esteem of a large circle of friends and acquaintances. The interment took place on Thursday (14th December) at the Salford Cemetery at which the widow of the deceased gentleman and many others testified their sorrow at the great bereavement which had befallen them."