Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1910 & 19

Charles Sutton (1836 - 1919)

Charles Sutton was a rope manufacturer and in 1861 patented an invention for an improved method of, and apparatus for, indicating the position of sunken ships.

He was born in 1836 in Middlewich, Cheshire. His father was Isaac Sutton (born 1807 in Middlewich) who was a Rope Maker by trade. His mother was named Mary (born 1906 in Cheshire).

The 1841 census has the couple living at Booth Lane, Middlewich with their children Ann (born 1828 in Cheshire), Mary (born 1830 in Cheshire), Fanny (born 1831 in Cheshire), Isaac junior (born 1833 in Cheshire), William (born 1835 in Cheshire), Charles (born 1837 in Cheshire) and Samuel (born 1839 in Cheshire). However in 1843, Charles's mother Mary sadly died when he was only 7 years old.

By 1851, Isaac had married again to Ann (born 1817 in Warrington) and was living at Christ Church Square in Hulme, Manchester. Frances was 20 and an Inralede Silk Winder, Isaac junior was 16 and a Rope Maker, William was 16 and a Rope Maker, Charles was 14 and a Rope Maker Foundry and Samuel was 12 and a Rope Maker Foundry. Two additional children by Ann were George (born 1847 in Hulme, Manchester) aged 4 and Margaret (born 1850 in Salford) aged 1.

In 1862 Charles married Annie Elizabeth Wilton (born 1842 in Durham) at St Paul the Apostle Church in Pendleton. By 1871 they were living at Chester Road, Hulme, Manchester and their children were Annie N (born 1864 in Salford), Mary Agnes (born 1867 in Salford), Eliza J (born 1868 in Salford), Elizabeth H (born 1869 in Salford) and James W (born 1871 in Hulme, Manchester). The couple had another child who died in infancy, Charles Isaac (born 1864 and died on 26th December 1865).

The 1881 census shows the family living at 40, Trafford Road, Salford. Additions to the family are Joseph J (born 1873 in Hulme), Laura E (born 1873 in Hulme), Ada F (born 1876 in Hulme) and Florence B (born 1878 in Salford). In 1891 the family home was still Trafford Road, Salford. Charles was now aged 54 and his occupation was Rope and Twine Manufacturer. Mary Agnes was shown as Mrs Johnson and a widow. The census also shows another daughter Eleanor M (born 1885 in Salford). The family gravestone shows that another son, Charles Harold Farrington was born 1883, but died in 1865.

In 1901, Charles and Annie's address was 601, Stretford Road, Old Trafford, Stretford. In the house were four single daughters: Laura E, aged 28, Ada D aged 25, Florence B aged 23 and Eleanor M aged 16. In 1901 they were still at Stretford Road with two single daughters Ada F now 35 and Eleanor M aged 26.

Charles's wife Annie Elizabeth died on 25th December 1912 aged 72 and Charles died on 21st December 1919 aged 83. They were both buried in plot AA10 in the Church of England portion of Weaste Cemetery.