Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1900 & 09

Alfred W. K. Fordham, MRCVSL (1840 - 1906)

Alfred Fordham, Veterinary Surgeon, was for 35 years the cattle and meat Inspector at Salford Cattle Market in Cross Lane, Salford.


The Salford Reporter of 31st March 1906 recorded the following. "Mr Fordham was born in July 1840 at Royston, near Cambridge. He had acted as cattle and meat Inspector for the Borough of Salford during the past 35 years and his services were always highly appreciated by the authorities, magisterial and municipal. He was very gentlemanly in manner and courteous to all. As Salford probably has the largest cattle market in England, with the exception of Smithfield, Mr Fordham came into contact with most of the cattle dealers in the Kingdom and almost constantly with the butchers in the locality. He was always spoken of in the highest terms as a gentlemanly and fair-dealing man".


It was early in 1906 that Alfred Fordham began to feel unwell. The Manchester, Salford and District Butchers Association sent him "a vote of sympathy with him in his illness". He did not recover and died on 25th March 1906 at his home, 106, Cross Lane, Salford. The funeral took place at Weaste Cemetery on Friday 30th March. It was conducted by Rev. R.J.Morgan of Hope Chapel. The coffin was of panelled oak with silver mountings and the breast plate was inscribed, "Alfred W. King Fordham, MRCVS London, died March 25th 1906 in his 66th year". The funeral was attended by his sister, nephews and a deputation from the Health Department, including Mr H.F.Jenkins, Chief Clerk and several Inspectors.


Salford Cattle Market was opened on 12th July 1837. It held its first Fat Cattle Show in December 1872. It was temporarily closed due to foot and mouth disease in February 1922 and January to March 1924. It finally closed on 31st March 1931.