Weaste Cemetery

Biographies of people buried between 1900 & 09

Albert Young (killed at work) (1873 - 1902)

Albert Young was a Steeplejack, but whilst engaged in pointing a mill chimney in Denton on 21st October 1902, his equipment failed and he tumbled to his death.


The Salford Reporter of 1st November 1902 records "Albert Young, 29 years of age, who lived at 17, Ellor Street, Pendleton met with a sad accident at Denton on Tuesday 21st October. He followed the occupation of a Steeplejack and was engaged in pointing a chimney at the hat works at Hooley Hill, Denton, belonging to Mr Peter Blytho. A rope broke and he precipitated to the ground, a distance of 45 feet. He received shocking injuries and was removed to the Ashton-under-Lyne Infirmary, where he died at midnight on Thursday October 24th 1902.


The Inquest was held on Monday 28th October. Albert's widow Florence gave evidence saying that Albert had done this work for 9 years and had always provided his own equipment.

James Leonard, Labourer employed by Albert Young, said that Albert was up the chimney on a rope with a seat on it. He ascended at half past eight and came down again after two hours as it was windy. They changed the rope as the other had got wet through. It was an old rope and took about ten minutes to change. Albert started his ascent again at about half past ten, James helping to haul him up. On reaching thirty feet from the scaffolding he signalled to stop. He then tied the seat to the pulling-up rope and had just started work when the pulling-up rope broke in the top pulley. Albert and the seat plummeted to the factory roof. James went to him and found him lying on the slates on his back. He said "oh, my neck". James assisted to get Albert through a trap door in the roof and carried him into the works. A doctor was sent for and on his arrival he ordered immediate removal to the Infirmary.


Detective Heighway described the rope as being made from hemp, it had not been spliced and it was rotten.


Dr Jordan, House Surgeon, said that the deceased had suffered a fractured and dislocated spine at the neck, a scalp wound and paralysis of the left arm. He was quite conscious and described the accident. However, the following day he became much worse, developing paralysis in both legs and died at half past five the next morning. The cause of death was compression of the spinal chord and the Jury returned a verdict of Accidental Death.


The funeral took place on Wednesday 29th October 1902 in the Dissenters portion of Weaste Cemetery. It was attended by a large number of relatives and friends. Albert was highly respected and attended the Brunswick Wesleyan Chapel, Pendleton. He left a widow and 2 children.