Weaste Cemetery


20 page, full colour booklet is now available at a cost of £1.00 including VAT and Postage.


The booklet includes a brief biography of over 30 Salford citizens including:


  • Cotton Mill Owners like Sir Elkanah Armitage,
  • Manufacturers like Sir James Farmer,
  • Reformers like Joseph Brotherton MP,
  • Politicians like Sir Richard Mottram,
  • Cultural figures like Sir Charles Halle,
  • Heroes like Mark Addy,
  • Uniformed Services like Private Ferdinand Stanley,
  • Workers like William Horrocks

It can be purchased at Salford Local History Library Peel Park, Crescent, Salford, or by post. To buy and cover the postage cost please send a cheque for £1-50 (made payable to Friends of Salford Cemeteries Trust) or send 5 second-class stamps to 17, Mount Drive, Urmston, Manchester, M41 9PY.